Dr. Deborah Barbeler

Dr. Deborah Barbeler graduated as Dr. Deborah Sternbeck in 1998 from the University of Queensland. Her first job as a vet was here in Gayndah, working for Dr. Ian McInnes. After a year she headed off to Kempsey in NSW with a local boy (Tony Barbeler) in tow. After 3 years working in a busy mixed practice in Kempsey, Deb and Tony moved back up to Maryborough where Deb worked at vet surgeries at Maryborough and Hervey Bay. In 2014 Deb and Tony moved back to Gayndah and built their dream home. Deb normally works Monday and Tuesday at Gayndah Veterinary Surgery, and particularly likes soft tissue surgery. She is a proud mother of 2 kids and enjoys reading and riding horses.