After Hours/Emergency Service

To contact a vet outside business hours…

We all know that sometimes things go wrong at the worst possible time…it’s midnight on Friday night, the dog is sick, the cat can’t walk …. take heart! There is an after hours service available. It can be accessed by ringing Dr. Nathan Hitchcock on 0488 079 462 (or 07 4161 1899).

When ringing for after hours service, make sure you let the phone ring until it goes to the message service and LEAVE A MESSAGE! Sometimes reception is poor or there is a lot of background noise and we just don’t hear the phone ring. Leave a message and then, if we haven’t rung back in a couple of minutes, ring again. Try each phone number, and keep it up until you get a response.

We genuinely don’t mind coming in for a legitimate emergency, no matter the time of day or night. If you are not sure if it is an emergency ring to talk about it. That’s what the phone is for! We’d much rather treat a snake bitten animal at midnight on Sunday than at 9am on Monday. If it isn’t an emergency (treating fleas would be a good example) we’ll soon tell you.

We charge an extra $70 as a call out fee if the call is between 7am and 9pm. After hours work between 9pm and 6am has a $160 call out fee.