Flea Control Solutions

Flea Control is a never-ending battle for pet owners! Take heart, however. There are some very simple solutions that actually work, and won’t take you more than a minute per month to implement.

Our all time favourite solutions for dogs is:

BRAVECTO! These chewable tablets will kill  fleas on your dog for 3 MONTHS! All over red rover! Most dogs will eat these tablets as a treat. Bravecto protects against paralysis ticks for 4 MONTHS and is no more expensive per month than any of the other monthly tablets out there.

Our all time favourite solution for cats is:

PROGRAM Injections.

Once every 6 months you bring your cat in, we give it a needle, and the flea life cycle is broken. This product works by stopping the fleas on your cat from dropping fertile eggs. It is best suited to long term use, protecting your whole house and environment from a build up of flea population.  The slight downside to these injections is that fleas on the cat are not killed, so if there are lots of fleas on the cat it is necessary to use a second product to actually kill the fleas (although they will die of old age in a few weeks). This product is a great solution for roaming cats and households with dogs and cats. Roaming cats will always come across a flea somewhere, and if we can prevent that flea from laying eggs when the cat gets back home the problem is solved. Program injections alone are not suitable for cats with a flea allergy. Our next best choices for flea control on cats are Revolution (great for worms too, applied as liquid on the back of the neck) or Comfortis tablets (bit harder to give, but can work out to 1/4 of the cost per month).  We are happy to administer the tablets to your dog or cat if you bring them in. What more could you want than to come see us every month?

Other products available to control fleas (more **’s means we like it better):

Spot on (liquid on the back of the neck, all require once per month treatment):

  • Revolution (dogs and cats) **** (treats heartworm in dogs, heartworm and some intestinal worms in cats)
  • Activyl (dogs and cats) *** (fleas only)
  • Frontline (dogs and cats) * (fleas only for one month, paralysis ticks for 2 weeks)
  • Advantage (dogs and cats) * (fleas only)
  • Advocate (dogs and cats) * (fleas, heartworm, and some intestinal worms)
  • Advantix (dogs only, NOT CATS) ~ (we don’t sell at all because dangerous to cats)

Tablets/Chews (all except Capstar require once per month treatment)

  • Simparia (Dogs only) **** (works well, moderate cost, does ticks as well)
  • Comfortis (Dogs and cats) **** (cheapest per month, doesn’t do ticks)
  • Nexgard (Dogs and cats) *** (expensive, does ticks as well)
  • Capstar (Dogs and cats) * (kills fleas for 24 hrs only, won’t break lifecycle)
  • Comfortis Plus (Dogs only) *** (moderate cost, treats fleas, heartworm and some intestinal worms, but not ticks)

Flea and Tick Collars: don’t waste your money. Really. They never work properly, so spend your $ on something that actually works. Better to spend $2 on something that works than 50c on something that doesn’t.